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Advancement Business Processes

Advancement Gift (Star)

Financial Business Processes

General Ledger (Star)
Grant And Project (Star)
Operating Ledger (Star)
Receivable Customer (Star)
Receivable Revenue (Star)

Workforce Business Processes

Employee (Star)
Employee Degree (Star)
Employee Position (Star)
Employment Application (Star)

Financial Assistance Business Processes

Financial Aid Application (Star)
Financial Aid Award By Academic Period (Star)
Financial Aid Award By Aid Year (Star)
Financial Aid Pre-Student (Star)
Financial Aid Student (Star)

Student and Academic Business Processes

Academic Program Course (Star)
Administrator (Star)
Admissions Application (Star)
Admissions Recruitment (Star)
Application Attribute (Star)
Application Cohort (Star)
Application Decision (Star)
Application Rating (Star)
Application Requirement (Star)
Contact (Star)
Course Registration (Star)
Enrollment (Star)
Graduation Completion (Star)
Hold (Star)
Institution (Star)
Interest (Star)
Post Secondary School (Star)
Prospective Student (Star)
Recruiting And Admission (Star)
Recruitment Attribute (Star)
Recruitment Cohort (Star)
Secondary School Subject (Star)
Test (Star)

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